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What is the meaning of "kapatta" ? What is the meaning of "kapatta" in the following sentence? Szégyenében, hogy ilyen együgyű füllentésen kapatta rajta magát, kettőt-hármat köhintett, így akart fölébe kerekedni a kis hercegnek. I guess "kapatta" is conjugated form of "kapat". "kapat" is causative form of "kap". What is the meaning of "fölébe"? Is it composed with "fölé" + "be"?
Oct 22, 2016 2:27 AM
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"rajtakapni" is often used as "to catch someone in the act of something" "rajtakapni hazugságon" = "to discover that someone lied about something" "füllentés" is a sillier version of "hazugság". Both mean "lie". "füllentésen kapatta rajta magát" = "to make himself/herself/itself discovered in the act of lying". Yeah, it sounds really, really archaic to me. "fölébe kerekedni" is an archaic version of "fölé kerekedni" = "to overcome/to get in a dominant position" It is composed of "fölé+be", but as I said in the earlier examples, it sounds really old, almost forced, and the only places I encountered it were really old texts/tales. Exupéry's "The Little Prince" is a fun reading in Hungarian though.
October 23, 2016
Kapatta: kapat+ta "ta" is past time. Kapatta rajta magát= kapták rajta/rajtakapták rajtakapni=catch somebody in somthing fölébe kerekedni=felül kerekedni fölébe is old version. We don't use this nowadays.
October 23, 2016
Kappatta is a port in India . [ 1 ] It is located in the state of Kerala , in the southern part of the country, 1900 km south of the capital, New Delhi . Kappatta is 14 meters above sea level. [ 1 ] The highest point in the vicinity are Kodiyanadumala , 636 meters above sea level, 18.3 km northeast of the Kappatta. [ A ] Around Kappatta is very densely populated, with 1,517 inhabitants per square kilometer. [ 2 ] Nearest society, Calicut , 16.8 km south of Kappatta. In the neighborhood around Kappatta are unusually many named hills. [ B ]
October 22, 2016
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