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Le ^_^
Could you tell me some useful conversations happen in ice-cream stores ? What kind of words/sentences can I use when I want to buy a ice-cream? Thanks
Oct 22, 2016 3:26 PM
Answers · 4
This is a conversation in colloquial U.S. English: Server: "What would you like?" Me: "I'm trying to decide between a 'small' and a 'medium" size. Can you show me how big they are?" Server: "Over here, you can see the sizes of the cups. Small is two scoops, medium is three." Me: "Really? Those are huge. OK, I'd like a small ice cream. I think I want--wait, exactly what flavor is 'Moose Tracks,' anyway?" Server: "Vanilla, with pieces of fudge and peanut butter cups in it. We also have Mocha Moose Tracks, which is the same thing but with mocha ice cream." Me: "OK, a small Mocha Moose Tracks." Server: "Would you like that in a dish, or a cone?" Me: "I'd like a cone, but can you put the whole thing in a dish in case it drips?" Server: "Sure. Sugar cone or cake cone?" Me: "Sugar cone, please." Server: "Want anything on that? Jimmies? Nuts?" Me: "Put some jimmies on it please. And give me a spoon and some extra napkins." Server: "OK." (A minute later) "Here you go. That will be $4.25." Me: "Do you take plastic?" Server: "I'm sorry, sir, we're cash-only, but there is an ATM machine inside..." Me: "No, that's OK, I'll pay cash." I give her a $10 bill. She gives me $5.75 in change. I drop a $1 bill in the tip jar. In the United States, "jimmies" is a New England regional name for chocolate sprinkles. Ice cream stands often have choices of different kinds of frozen desserts. "Soft-serve" is soft and fun to eat but doesn't have as intense a flavor. "Frozen yogurt" (or "Froyo") is slightly lower in fat and has a slightly tart taste that is very good with fruit flavors. "Sherbet" has only a trace of milk and is sort of like fruit-flavored snow. Ice cream stands often offer sundaes, banana splits, ice cream sodas, root beer floats, and milkshakes (which despite the name usually have ice cream in them)
October 22, 2016
I don't know about conversations in an icecream shop, but here are ways to order what you like. 1. I would like a scope of _____, in a cone( or cup) . 2. Do you have waffle cones? 3. I like chocolate/strawberry sauce on my sundae.
October 22, 2016
Le ^_^
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