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يبقي/ ابقي / What's the meaning of this verb? I am watching an egyptian arabic movie, and I often find this expression. What's the meaning and how do you use it? ،الف شكر Mattia
2016年10月22日 20:36
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Hahaha It's so funny to find a foreigner says "ألف شكر" :D :D I thought u r Egyptian :D By the way *It's a strange question as we just say them "يبقى ، ابقى " Spontaneously يبقى انت أكيد فى مصر يبقى = So And "ابقى" ابقى نام كويس/بدرى ابقى خلى بالك من كلامك معايا :D it can be فعل امر or for intimidation =Do
بنقولها كتير و في كل مكان :D
الف شكر .... is an egyptian expression witch means thank you ,,,but if you want to know the same meaning of الف شكر ,,,it means (i'm thanking you 1000 thank )
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