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Naughty Nerd
¿Qué quiere decir "mandar todo a tomar por culo"?
Oct 23, 2016 12:57 AM
Answers · 6
We use it quite often in Spain. It is similar to "mandar todo a tomar vientos". If you say "esta a tomar por culo" o "esta a tomar vientos" both mean something is far away, but preceded by the verb mandar it means the same as "mandar todo a la mierda": send everything to hell, as indicated in the previous answer. I guess we use it when we are really fed up with something or frustrated and we want to quit. Stop making the effort. On the other hand, if it is referred to someone as "mandar a alguien a la mierda" or if it is the person you are speaking to "vete a la mierda!" it it just the same as go to hell, fuck off etc. Edit: leyendo tu comentario se refiere a no mandar el matrimonio a la mierda, no destrozarlo, no acabar con él, en definitiva divorciarse.
October 23, 2016
Hello Means "to give in" or "to stop doing something" you've tried with a lot of interest. It's a rude sentence that is only used when talking with friends. Example: After trying to fix the car for 5 days he decided "mandar todo a tomar por culo" and take the car to a workshop. Regards
October 23, 2016
Well ... hmm... as a Mexican I have never heard it said that way... It is a bad thing for sure. Probably means to send everything to the hell or ignore everything. Where did you hear it? Les
October 23, 2016
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