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Edward Malone
I try to write British version of words and sayings. Please correct if I make mistakes. Organise Analise Jumper Bisquit Film Mobile phone Travelling At the weekend In the street Lorry
23 oct. 2016 01:40
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Corrections: analyse, biscuit If it helps you to remember, "biscuit" comes from French: bis (twice/again) + cuit (cooked, from the verb "cuire"). You can call the mobile phone simply "mobile"... or even "wobbly" if you want to have fun with rhyming slang (do you get the connection?). :)
23 octobre 2016
Biscuit and Jumper are also American words but they don't mean the same thing. British biscuits are American cookies. A British jumper is an American sweater. A jumper is also someone who jumps (probably in both places)
23 octobre 2016
Further to the above answer, the following are not exclusively British: At the weekend In the street Film Mobile phone (cell phone is more common in the US, but they still use mobile)
23 octobre 2016
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