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How fast can you count to 50 (in your target language)? Numbers are often one of the first things we learn when we learn a new language. When I first started learning Chinese, it took me a long long time to count to 50. After learning for a while, it took me a couple of minutes. Every few months I like to do this quick test, as I find it's a great way to measure my progress (in speaking). Simply count from 1 to 50 - speaking out loud. Try to avoid mistakes, and use correct pronunciation and intonation where possible. Today I tried several times, and was able to complete it using Chinese numbers, in 40 seconds or less, each time. When I did the same thing using English numbers, I could do it in 20 seconds (my native language is English). How long does it take you, for the language that you are learning?
2016년 10월 23일 오전 9:26
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Thanks Wendy :) 32 seconds is pretty good!
2016년 10월 23일
Good for you! A few minutes to less than 40seconds! That's really great achievement! Just now I tried and it took me 32 seconds to count 50 in English. That's a good way to practice speaking. In China, there is a English speaking training called "Li Yang Crazy English". It encourages language learners to repeat one sentence as fast as they can till they can say it aloud , clearly and even faster than normal pace that native speaker do, without thinking. (That was superbly hot before the founder was involved in his family scandal. He abused his wife... Anyway that is a great method. The best way is to practice~)
2016년 10월 23일
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