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Rosangela Senova
Hi Native app "Hi native" is a very important app which you can use it to ask some questions about slangs, phrasal verbs, to get some tips etc. I also like to see that anytime I have a certain doubt I can find anyone there to answer and help me. Unfortunately, I have seen that there are some jerks which I do not know why are there to destroy the app. They ask questions that make you wonder if they are really real, for example: how do you say HI in Portuguese? How do you say I love you in Italian? How do you say Good morning in French etc. Don't these people have a dictionary or google translator app? Why spending our time asking something like this instead of asking useful questions which will also help other students.? We're not there to I would like to know if you also use the app and how do you like it. Thank you!!
Oct 23, 2016 5:25 PM
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Rosangela Senova
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