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how many verbs in english language? Is there a specific number of verbs in the English language? or rather, can we say that it 's on the rise and renewed to different times and discoveries. are the term of (verb) same to (act)?
2016年10月23日 21:28
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I would have a different answer than the previous posters. In formal English, the number of verbs is probably fixed. That is, the English dictionary has not changed all that much over the last few decades or so. Informal speech, or slang, however, is fluid and can change with the times.
As English continues to globalize, it continues to change. New words are being adopted to English everyday.
They keep coming.
thanks all, in this moment we cant' say (the term of verb same to act). what is a different terms of verbs ? and what is a different kinds of verbs ?
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