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what express can I use to talk about the past? I understand that "one day" can be used to say "a day in the future" . For example, I would like to travel to the moon one day. but what expression I can use to say something in the past, not a specific time. For example, One day, when I was walking along the street, I came across a friend of mine. can I use "once" ? but it seems that my dictionary does not say that's acceptable!
24 Eki 2016 08:40
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Hello John, This is one of these occasions when context is king. So your first and second sentences are both correct - the first for the future and the second for the past. You can use 'once' to talk about the past but not being too specific. 'Once I was walking down the road when I met my friend ...' As well as in children's stories (and star trek!) "Once upon a time..' Best wishes Bob NB Your title should read 'What expression ...'
24 Ekim 2016
Hi John, I think it is possible to use "one day" to reflect a time in the future and in the past just as your examples describe. It's also ok to use "once" in this context "Once, when I was walking down the street ...." So, it seems you are on the right track! :)
24 Ekim 2016
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