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Derek Bristow
Differences between Synonyms, please explain in details! 【74】 Hi, all. I have some questions about the differences between the following words, if you could explain them and preferably give me examples, demonstrating the differences, that would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. 1. lugar, sitio, espacio; 2. director, gerente, mánager, encargado; 3. precio, índice, tasa; (They could all mean "rate") 4. fuerte, pujante, potente. Thanks in advance, and looking forward to hearing from you all soon.
Oct 24, 2016 11:55 AM
Answers · 4
1 There´s no difference between those three words, they all mean the same. Although espacio is more often used refering to outter space, or when there is no room or space for something in a certain place. 2 I think they all mean the same but the difference is in their usage. It has to do with the context, the first one is more likely to be used in the context of a school or educational institutes. Gerente is more likely to be used in a business context, for example: El gerente de la compañía. El gerente de la empresa. Mánager is more likely to be used in Sports or Music, for example, sometimes we say: El mánager de la banda. And encargado is also used in a business context, usually refered to the one in charge of a certain area or department. 3 Precio is used for the price of products and services. Índice is index, it expresses the relation of a series of data and it allows to make conclusions out of that, it's more likely to be used in statistics about the economy or demographics for example. Tasa is usually used in economy for the inflation rate, or interest rate, it expresses the value or magnitude of something. 4 Fuerte is simply something or someone with strength. Pujante acts like and adjective that implies also strength but importance as well, sometimes can also imply something that pushes something or causes a lot of pressure. And finally potente is something with a lot of power. Hope I was helpful! Have a good one!
October 24, 2016
Lugar and sitio means the same. Depending on the country, you will find a difference between the use of sitio and lugar, especially when talking about seats at the school in the cinema, bus... Here in Spain, we would say sitio. Este es mi sitio (meaning mi asiento/my seat). El lugar donde quedamos estaba muy lejos. El sitio donde quedamos estaba muy lejos. Este es mi sitio, creo que se ha equivocado. Espacio is normally more used when refering to architectural spaces or an outdoors área. El espacio que hay entre este edificio y este otro es muy amplio. El espacio exterior (meaning universe). Gerente is the manager of a Company or place. Director is normally used for cinema, an orchestra (conductor), director artístico... It is normally used for artistic managing positions. Manager is used for a lot of job positions that have not been translated: el trabaja en una empresa como Project manager o export manager, etc. Sería algo como encargado de... Encargado is a person who is in charge of something, a shop. or a specific field in a Company. Trabaja como encargado en la tienda de Zara del centro. Fuerte is strong. Punjante refers to a force that boosts something. Potente also refers to ´forces and means powerful. Juan es un chico muy fuerte. La nueva tendencia de los mercados pujantes (the markets that are important, that are tendency) es la bajada de precios para aumentar las ventas. Este ordenador es muy potente, va rapidísimo. Hope it is clearer! :) See you Derek
November 1, 2016
Derek Bristow
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