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The difference between narrow-mindness and close-mindness? I think the two are quite similar in meaning but…is there any difference? Thanks!
Oct 24, 2016 4:35 PM
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I think Zowee has presented an excellent answer for you. If I might add this: Close-mindedness is associated as an antonym to open-mindedness. "Keep an open mind!" Someone might say to you. Narrow-mindedness is closely associated with the word "parochial," meaning taking a very limited view of something: conservative, and the opposite of broad-minded.
October 24, 2016
firstly, it is 'closeD-mindedness' you are right in that they are similar narrow-mindedness I think of as someone with their eyes narrowed, squinting, not listening. if you are closed minded, your eyes would be closed - and you would be refusing to listen at all.....
October 24, 2016
There are two variants of the same word: “close-minded” and “closed-minded”. Both are correct. “Close-minded” and “narrow-minded” are words that people tend to use about people they disagree with. Few people would consider themselves close-minded or narrow-minded, so it’s tempting to invent one’s own definitions of these words since it’s something one uses about other people. For instance, I don’t think whether or not people squint has much to do with it :-) I personally believe the two words mean the same thing: that you’re unwilling to consider or accept ideas that are different from your own.
October 24, 2016
Though the words are very similar to each other in definition, the context in which they are used as a bit different. One uses narrow-minded in the context of planning for the future or accepting new ideas in general. Closed-minded usually refers to a specific topic or idea. A narrow-minded person can be described as shortsighted. A persistently closed-mind is a sign of a narrow-minded person. On the other hand, someone that is closed-minded about a specific issue can be open-minded about many other issues. However, the word closed-minded has been used as a hyperbolic description of a narrow-minded individual.
October 24, 2016
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