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What's the difference between 二个妹妹 and 二两妹妹? I wrote a notebook entry about myself and I talked about my family. I was corrected a few times and everyone who corrected me wrote "两妹妹" instead of "二个妹妹". I also remembered seeing "两毛“ and “二只狗" somewhere. Do we use different counters for different animals and people? Or did I misunderstand something?
Oct 25, 2016 7:25 AM
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you use "二" to indicate a numerical digit, for example February 二月, bus number #2 二号公车 however, you will need to use "两" for counting quantities, for example, two months 两个月, two buses 两辆巴士 个 &只 indicates the unit number 两个妹妹 literally means younger sisters in 2 units
October 25, 2016
For people, use 个 and for more respect, use 位. For animals, use 隻/只. 二 is used for the numerical symbol. Think of 两as "pair". However, in poetic situations, 二 is used. For example, 二人世界 = a world for two (talking about lovers etc)
October 26, 2016
Yes,This is "量词" e.g. 一“只”狗or一“条”狗(dog) 一“本”书(book) 一“张”桌子(table) 一“朵”玫瑰(rose) We do not say二个姐姐.We say 两个姐姐 "二"use in describe numeber e.g. World war II=二战
October 25, 2016
Hi Christen, maybe you should figure out the difference between 两 and 二 first. 两 always means two and 二 always means second. So you want to talk about your two sisters you should say 两个妹妹, if you want to say second floor you should say 二楼.
October 25, 2016
As a chinese I never heard of “二两妹妹” lol 。You can use “二个妹妹” or “两个妹妹” . But usually we said “两个妹妹” . Same as “两只狗” 。
October 25, 2016
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