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What english parts can be used with "better off" in a sentence? Good day! I have a question... What parts can I put after the phrase "better off" in a sentence? It seems that I can use: -a participe: as in "I'm better off leaving now." -a noun: as in "I'm better off this way." -a prepositional phrase: as in "I'm better off on my own." -a adjective: as in "I'm better off dead." Do I miss any other parts I can use with "better off"? I came up with the list based on my own observasion, so I'm not so sure if my assumption is correct... Thanks ahead!
25 ott 2016 16:34
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Well done. I'm struggling to think of others. The expression could also be one clause of a complex sentence e.g. (Zero conditional) I'm better off when/if you help me
25 ottobre 2016
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