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Veronica Verdecia
Teri aur tumhara? Hi! I am a little confused between the possession of teri or tumhara/i/e. They both seem to mean "your." Which do I use? Thank you!
2016년 10월 25일 오후 11:24
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The following three forms of possessive pronoun "your" are used in Hindi. Your = Aapkaa, Aapki, Aapke = used with elders or formal acquaintances.(Respectful/formal) Your = Tumharaa, Tumhari, Tumhare = Used with equals .(Informal) Your = Teraa, Teri, Tere = used with children, near and dear ones. (intimate) I believe, you should use "Aapkaa/i/e with elders and Tumharaa/i/e with friends and other peoples.
2016년 10월 26일
teri/a/e is more informal than tumhari/a/e. Aapki/a/e is formal.
2016년 10월 26일
Tumhari and tumhara represents gender of object you talking about,,,, same way for close friends Teri and tera are used,,,,
2017년 1월 18일
Veronica Verdecia
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