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What is the meaning of "komolynak" ? 1. What is the meaning of "komolynak" in the following sentence? Csak éppen komolynak nem valami komoly. What is the usage of dative case in "komolynak" ? 2. What is the meaning of "mukkot" in the following sentence? Az üzletember eltátotta a száját, de felelni egy mukkot sem tudott, a kis herceg pedig szedte a sátorfáját, és ment tovább. What is the literal meaning of "mukk" which is the base word of "mukkot"?
Oct 27, 2016 6:58 AM
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Hello, Answer for the second sentence, which came from The Little Prince: In the english version of the book it's the next: "The businessman opened his mouth, but he found nothing to say in answer. And the little prince went away." Szedi a sátorfáját is a Hungarian proverb for Someone is going to go away in the following minutes. Answer for the first: It means something like this. Something that can not be handled as a serious thing. Or somebody can not be taken seriously.
October 27, 2016
박희섭(Heesob Park)
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