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Worms are another great bait. Why is "another used in this sentence? I suppose word "other" should use here. As I understand "another" - singular, "other" - plural.
Oct 27, 2016 8:07 AM
Answers · 4
If you understand when to use the indeterminate article "an", then that's generally the same rule as to when to use "another" instead of "other". You might want to have a look at this page: I think it explains it well, plus it has a little test at the end.
October 27, 2016
As I understand "another" - singular, "other" - plural. No, this isn't true at all. It's a massive over-simplification. But what makes you think that 'bait' is plural, anyway? It's obviously a singular noun. Don't get distracted by the plural nature of the word 'worms' or the word 'are' - these have nothing to do with it. The words 'another' and 'great' refer to 'bait', not worms. Look at it this way: Worms are [another great bait]. Here are some more examples: Strawberries are another good source of vitamin C. The Canary Islands are another good place to find winter sun.
October 27, 2016
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