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Which one is the best form Which one of the follows is the best form: - I have graduated in Computer Engineering - I've got a degree in computer engineering - I graduated in Computer engineering One of them is wrong? ThanksThanks everybody! As Wade suggested I wrote the complete paragraph in the notebook section. Nonetheless I'l write an extract here to explain the context: "I have graduated in Computer Engineering with specialization in graphic and computer animation. The aim of my thesis was to create a library of intelligent and autonomous agents able to behave in different contexts based on their emotions, memory and needs." This two sentences are part of my presentetion for job positions. Thanks again.
Oct 27, 2016 2:13 PM
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The third one uses a capital letter for 'Computer' but not for 'engineering', which is a bit odd. Generally if you're specifying the degree you'd use all caps (e.g. I have a Bachelor in Communications') or you'd go all lowercase when talking about the field in general (e.g. I really enjoyed my communications degree)
October 27, 2016
Hello, All of them are correct. I was discussing the same subject in class yesterday with my students. It depends how you are presenting yourself by which one you ultimately choose, if you can give more of the text, possibly in the notebook section then we can discuss the best option and the reasons why. Hope that helps, Wade.
October 27, 2016
#2 is closest to being natural. However, I would say "I have a degree in Computer Engineering" Capitalization might be a stylistic choice. Technically, it should be minuscule. However, as someone else stated, it's difficult to answer without knowing the context.
October 27, 2016
Hi! In my opinion, none is wrong. However, which one could be appropriately used depends on the situation one is in. For example: "I have graduated in Computer Engineering" uses present perfect tense which represents the action of graduating in computer engineering having completed and therefore may be used in situations where one would intend to refer to one's current endeavor having completed and further speak of one's future plan(s), for example : I have graduated in computer engineering. Now I am deciding on what to do further. However, if used alone, the sentence may indicate as to what milestone in education one has covered. 'I have got a degree in Computer Engineering' particularly indicates ones academic qualification. That is, it tells that one holds or possesses the said degree. "I graduated in Computer Engineering' uses the past indefinite and therefore refers to an action completed somewhere in the past. In this sense, it could be used while talking about a series of past events one of which would have been graduating itself. However, in American English, according to my knowledge, past indefinite or simple is also used by native speakers as an alternative to present perfect, in order to refer to an action that completed in the very recent past as in : "Yay! I passed my driving test" an alternative to the British "Hurrah! I have passed my driving test" or "Where did the car go"? which means the same as the British sentence: "Where has the car gone"? Syed
October 27, 2016
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