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Does someone have any novels or books have ever read feel great to recommand? Not too complicate,thanks!
27. Okt 2016 15:41
Answers · 11
You might like to try "Animal Farm," by Goerge Orwell. Orwell is famous for writing very clearly. He is not one of those writers who tries to use complicated words for no reason. "Animal Farm," seems to be about the lives of animals on a farm. But it is actually an allegory about communism and its flaws. Hopefully, you are able to/allowed to access this book in China.
27. Oktober 2016
Might I recommend? "The Old Man and the Sea," by Ernest Hemingway. In a letter, he describes accomplishing a minor triumph, having captured "all the dimensions of the visible world and the world of a man's spirit." The sentences are usually short, and the words he uses are not difficult to understand.
27. Oktober 2016
I would recommend Chartlotte's Web. This book is usually recommended for people around the age of 8-10, which should challenge you, but not overwhelm you. It is a cute story about the friendship between a pig and a spider.
27. Oktober 2016
Suleeyu - if Animal Farm does not appeal or is not available to a person living in China, then another George Orwell book which you will be able to get hold of is called "Down and Out in London and Paris." Again, Orwell sticks largely to fairly simple vocabulary. This is an auto-biographical story. Auto-biographical means that it is about George Orwell's own life before he became famous. It tells the tale of his life in poverty in the two cities that are mentioned in the title. It has the merit of being quite a short book too.
27. Oktober 2016
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