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How would i say these 2 phrases in Korean? Hello, there are 2 things I'm not sure how to say in Korean. Even if you don't know how to say both, even if you knew just one that'd be greatly appreciated~ 1. "Thank you for the birthday greetings at the event. But I was wondering: how did you know when my birthday is? I don't think I ever told you the date." 2. "Please don't be ashamed of your past, everything you've been through was part of a journey to get to the beautiful place you're at now. "
27. Okt 2016 19:20
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Are you talking to one person or people? Informal or formal? When talking to people in a formal manner 1. 제 생일 이벤트에서 축하해주신거 감사드립니다. 그렇지만 궁금한게 있습니다. 제 생일이 언제인지 어떻게 아셨죠? 날짜를 말씀드린적 없는것 같은데요. 2. 과거를 부끄러워하지 마세요. 여러분들이 지나왔던 모든 것들은 지금 여러분들이 서있는 멋진 곳에 오기 위한 여정의 일부였을 뿐입니다.
28. Oktober 2016
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