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Shelly Chen
Plural or singular? If scentists have no talents in invention, their curiosity helps them to create and innovate. In this sentence, this two word "talents" and "curiosity", should them be plural or singular? Is the sentence right? Thanks!
Oct 28, 2016 1:07 AM
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Hi Shellmy, great question! There is no plural form of "curiosity." "Curiosities" is not a real word in English. You cannot count curiosity. "1 curiosity" also does not make sense. So, "...their curiosity helps them to create and innovate." is correct. "Talent" is trickier, because there are two ways to use the word "talent." 1. Talent can mean "an ability." For example, "I have a special talent." "He has many talents." "My two talents are playing guitar and doing backflips." 2. Talent can also mean "skill level" or "ability level." When used this way, talent is never plural. (Same as curiosity). For example, "I have no talent." "He has so much talent." "I wish I had more talent." "He was born with talent." I don't fully understand you sentence but I think you're probably trying to use the 2nd version of talent, which cannot be plural. Hope that helps!
October 28, 2016
Shelly Chen
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