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Were these young Japanese girls most likely saying 怖いすぎ or 可愛すぎ? I ask because although I can usually hear the differences, I often have trouble when people are speaking Japanese really quickly or quietly in a more whispered tone. I was on the train today and these two Japanese girls dressed in Halloween costumes came on the train and I was tired, so I was caught off guard by their appearances. Due to their costumes, I might have been looking at them a little too long, but I wasn't looking at them in a creepy way or anything. Anyway, they kind of smiled but were giggling with each other and I heard them say either 怖いすぎ or 可愛すぎ while glancing at me and back at each other while they giggled. It is frustrating because the words sound so similar and they were either being friendly saying I'm too cute or they were being rude by saying I'm too scary (looking). My question for Japanese people on here is whether or not Japanese people use 怖いすぎ or do they just say 怖いよ!or something like this instead?
Oct 28, 2016 11:55 AM
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>something like this instead? Yes, there are a lot! Of course, the impressions change with different tones. It is a little difficult to explain just with letters but let me try. 怖い(よ)[こわいよ]: When you say this with a flat tone, this would sound quite assertive, meaning you are truly scared. Contrary, with a going up tone like こわい(よ)ー↑ (plus with a smile), you are sort of enjoying the situation (I think). The similar expressions in enjoying situations would be; こわ or こわー 怖すぎ[こわすぎ] NOT 怖いすぎ[こわいすぎ]: In general, an adjective + すぎ is liked by young generations in their casual conversations. I would say 怖すぎ [too scary]. But 可愛すぎ [too cute] sounds too much to me. Young generations also like ちょー(originally ちょう; 超)可愛い [so cute]. ちょー is very casual. ちょーこわ(い)(ー) also works: ちょー + adjective. め(っ)ちゃ可愛い is the same. め(っ)ちゃ is originally a Kansai dialect (I use this a lot because I am from Kansai) but I often hear everywhere in Japan. There are other (slangy) ways such as; こわいし、こわいって、こわいってかんじ[I kinda feel scary]、 In your situation on the train, I can't guess what they said but I can see that they were enjoying the situation, which must have frustrated you.
October 28, 2016
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