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Boyish of expression Hi everybody! Does anyone know what the phrase "boyish of expression" mean in the following lines. Does it mean boyish appearance and face, or boyish manner of speaking? Frank McCourt sat on a stage in New York City’s Lincoln Center, his white hair glistening under the lights overhead. He was still boyish of expression at 66, and smile lines radiated from hazel eyes bright with inquisitiveness. Thank you
28 окт. 2016 г., 18:50
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Hello Vahid, I've not heard 'boyish of expression' before as a phrase. But, in the text it would indicate that whilst Frank McCourt looked his age, he had a 'glint in his eye' and charm about him that made him appear youthful. Watch a clip of 'The Office' and David Brent; he is 'boyish of expression' :)
28 октября 2016 г.
It means that his face and appearance, in particular his expression (the look on his face that is conveying an emotion), is still like that of a boy.
28 октября 2016 г.
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