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3 more questions for today:) Many thanks to those who answer the questions in advance! 1. We're All Hawking Products Now。 What does HAWKING mean? 2. Artificial intelligence software is on the horizon that can spot brands like Nike or Coke even in images without text or tags. Google, Facebook and other deep-pocketed investors are accelerating this software’s development. Even startup photo-sharing service Pinterest got in on the action earlier this year by buying the even more “start-uppy” VisualGraph, whose software could be used to find and link photos with similar content. "on the horizon", I guess it means "on the way to...", right? What's the meaning of “start-uppy”? 3. So next time you’re chowing down in McDonald’s, smile for that selfie. You’re feeding that company’s bottom line and probably helping a tech startup earn its next million. On second thought, why are YOU smiling? What's the difference between "chowing" and "chowing down"? What is "bottom line" here?
Oct 29, 2016 1:59 AM
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1. "hawking" is selling. But it's selling loudly and prominently. It is not a secret sale that no one knows about. It is standing on a street corner with a big sign while yelling at people passing by saying "Buy My Stuff! It's Great! You'll love it!" 2. "On the horizon" means that it still far away, but coming closer. Think of a ship on the horizon of the ocean. "Start-uppy" means "having the characteristics of a start-up." They're likely referring to the culture of the new company 3. "chowing down" is eating enthusiastically. A company's bottom line is its profits.
October 29, 2016
Hi :) I'm not a teacher, but I am a native speaker, and I hope this helps. 1. I believe "Hawking" is referring to Stephen Hawking (a famous theoretical physicist). 2. "On the horizon" means that it is coming, imminent, or on the way. I'm not sure about "start-uppy." Start-ups are new companies, usually tech companies I think, so maybe they are referring to the newness of VisualGraph? 3. I think "chowing down" is slang for eating something quickly (some people say "wolfing down" for this). Where I live, no one would say just "chowing." It doesn't make sense on it's own, it's always "chow down," "chowed down," or "chowing down."
October 29, 2016
Thank you!
October 29, 2016
'Hawking' refers to selling things. Typically it means to be rather aggressive or pushy, (unprofessional) in the act of selling. Bottom line is another way to say 'profit'
October 29, 2016
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