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I have a question for what you would define these grammar particles as I'm just wondering, do these have a name? What would you call these? (When you end a sentence or attach one of these to something) (I hope this makes sense) ~ㄹ 것이다 ~고 싶다 ~알 고있다 etc... You attach all of these to words. Would you just call these 'sentence endings'? 'grammar attachments'? What would you call these so I can more easily look up lists of these... And if you have any links to long lists of these kinds of attachments, please share. Thank you!Sorry, nevermind I just found a really good list thank you!
Oct 29, 2016 3:05 AM
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Thank you! :-)
October 30, 2016
Yes. This is the specific list I was looking at but it also includes links to other pages on the same site with all levels of grammar patterns.
October 30, 2016
Would you post a link to the list you found? :-)
October 30, 2016
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