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How so say "I am calling about..." in Japanese? For example if I call the hospital on Monday morning and I want to explain the reason for my call, which is to find out the results of my recent liver test, could I say this: 僕は僕の肝臓検査の結果について電話をしています。 There must be a much shorter way to say this? It might sound too casual but could I say something like this: 僕の肝臓検査の結果は... I want to be able to ask quickly, but not too casually and strangely.
Oct 29, 2016 7:52 AM
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「すみません、肝臓結果を受けたので結果をお願いします。」 「すみません、肝臓検査の結果を教えて下さい。」 I think is not necessary 僕 and 電話をしています
October 29, 2016
僕の肝臓検査の結果は... is ok. "肝臓検査の結果は ..." is shortest, I think.
November 1, 2016
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