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傘ぐらいなら持ってあげるよ Hi, I don't understand what is 傘ぐらいなら? example sentenses 傘ぐらいなら持ってあげるよ. 8. 傘ぐらいなら( ___ )大事なかばんを置いてくるなんて。 a.ぬきにして b.もとより c. まだしも d. ものなら
29 ott 2016 08:56
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I'm no expert, but this is how I interpret the sentence. 傘ぐらいなら持ってあげるよ:if it is just an umbrella (a small unimportant item) I will (do you a favor) bring it to you. The others sentence the correct answer should be まだしも. The English translation would be, if it was (an unimportant item such as ) an umbrella, I could somehow understand, but leaving such an important briefcase (or bag)... I hope it helps
29 ottobre 2016
When this case isn't too important to "ぐらい, (くらい)", it's used. Both of "A" and "B" are compared, and when there is no exigency or not important, it's used with "くらい". In this case , the umbrella is not more important than the bag , so I'm saying "傘ぐらい(傘くらい)". For example , we assume that I ask a busy person to pass me something . That person said. "Please take it yourself about such simple things." "please do it yourself about such simple things" 「それぐらい自分でやって下さい。」 This "それぐらい(それくらい)" is also similar meaning and using in that case "傘ぐらい(傘くらい)".
31 ottobre 2016
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