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JD Hyomin
We'll come pick you and your wife up in an hour. Hello~ A:We'll come pick you and your wife up in an hour. B:OK, I'll go tell her to get ready. I'm confused how "come pick", "go tell" can be used. I think a sentence should have a verb without conjunction. Thank you for your help in advance.
Oct 29, 2016 2:44 PM
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In this sentence, the verbal phrases 'come pick' and 'go tell' can be interpreted as 'come and pick' and 'go and tell'. The sentences would also make complete sense as: "We'll pick up you and your wife in an hour" "We'll pick you and your wife up in an hour" "I'll tell her to get ready" For what it's worth, Korean does similar things thing: verbs like "갈아타다" are made by connecting two verbs together: and sometimes without a conjunction included.
October 29, 2016
Hi Hyomin, hope you're well. Ooh, this is a fun question! Ok, so the first sentence. "We'll come pick you and your wife up in an hour." There are three different verbs in the sentence. We have 'WILL', our auxiliary verb, to show that it's future. 'COME' is our first verb. It's in the basic form (bare infinitive) because it's following a modal. Then we have 'PICK UP', our phrasal verb (a verb + a preposition). 'PICK UP' is a separable phrasal verb, meaning we can put our OBJECT (you and your wife) between the verb and the preposition. So....the question. The original sentence would be "We'll come and pick you and your wife up......" However, this AND is not really necessary. It can be understood from the sentence. So, we drop it. "We'll come pick you and your wife up..." This is a feature of English called ELLIPSIS. It's used for a number of reasons including to be more dramatic and sometimes just to be a bit lazy. Be careful though! We can only do this with two basic verbs, i.e We'll COME PICK... This sentence in the past wouldn't work. "I came ate dinner as soon as my mother called me." As the verbs are in the past, it would have to be "..came AND ate.." But it WOULD work in the future. "I'll come eat dinner in a few minutes. I'm just finishing my homework. Hope this helps you :) It was a great question!
October 29, 2016
JD Hyomin
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