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Small gift or small item or what? In Japan, people brings 'small gift' to neighborhood for greeting at the time of the move. It is kind of a towels and sweets and so on. 'Small gift' is a something which lightly(lightheartedly/comfortably/easy) to receive on the receiving side. How can I say about it? small gift ? small item? casual item?
30 Eki 2016 02:16
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A 'gift' is something given to another person. An 'item' is just a thing. 'Small gift' sounds perfectly natural to me, and I would use that. In the United States, sometimes when a person moves into a neighborhood, the neighbors give the newcomer a gift, which is usually a cake or some kind of food. Usually it is called a 'welcoming present' or 'welcoming gift'
30 Ekim 2016
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