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How can I say "please" in a sentence? I really wanna know "PLEASE" is used the beginning or end in a sentence sounds better.which way could be more polite?
30. Okt 2016 02:32
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You can add "please" in several parts of a sentence. The most common are the end and beginning. END: "Write this for me, please" BEGINNING: "Please, write this for me" In English, I feel that the sentence feels more polite when the "please" is placed at the end. Yet, politeness works a little differently in the way where we add phrases to make things sound more polite. ex: "Would you be able to write this for me, please?" ex: "Could you write this for me, please?" And when you do this, the "please" can come in the middle of the sentence (which also sounds more polite) ex: "Could you please right this for me?"
30. Oktober 2016
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