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Birjees Madhoun
Passive form Hello everybody :) I have a problem with the passive form in the "past perfect, present perfect, past continous and present continuous" could anyone please explain the difference between them and when to use each form ? Thanks :)
30 Eki 2016 17:26
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Mohamed's explanation and examples are good except that the passive forms of the present perfect continuous, future perfect continuous, and past perfect continuous are never used. We switch to the simple tenses. The reason is that "been being" sounds clumsy and confusing.
30 Ekim 2016
Present Continuous : -Right now, Sarah is writing the letter. (active ) -Right now, the letter is being written by Sarah. ( passive ) Simple Past : -Sam repaired the car. -The car was repaired by Sam. Past Continuous : -The salesman was helping the customer when the thief came into the store. -The customer was being helped by the salesman when the thief came into the store. Present Perfect : -Many tourists have visited that castle. -That castle has been visited by many tourists. Present Perfect Continuous : -Recently, John has been doing the work. -Recently, the work has been being done by John. Past Perfect : - George had repaired many cars before he received his mechanic's license. - Many cars had been repaired by George before he received his mechanic's license. Past Perfect Continuous : - Chef Jones had been preparing the restaurant's fantastic dinners for two years before he moved to Paris. - The restaurant's fantastic dinners had been being prepared by Chef Jones for two years before he moved to Paris. we often use the continous form when the action takes a lot of time .or when it's happening at the moment . example : I am driving ( means that I am driving right now at the time of speaking ). I drive ( it could be anytime ). past continous is when something happen in the past and didn't end still going or took a lot of time to finish . perfect tense : we use it in the conditionnal type , when there are to action happening in a sequence , I am not sure about it. I hope i helped little bit.
30 Ekim 2016
Birjees Madhoun
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