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Best way to say "pardon any mistakes" in Spanish? I am learning Spanish, and am trying to jump into conversation with native speakers (mostly from Mexico). Of course I am making quite a few errors. Following telling someone that I am learning Spanish, what would be the best way to ask them to excuse or pardon any mistakes?
30. Okt 2016 20:24
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Hello. There are a few options: 1. Disculpe mis errores, estoy aprendiendo, pero también estoy tratando de mejorarlos. 2. Mis disculpas de antemano por los errores. 3. Me disculpo desde ya por cualquier error que haya cometido.
30. Oktober 2016
I am learning Spanish as well. Learning another language is a humbling experience but I think it's a good one too. I usually say: "Disculpe por los errors de español.  Estoy aprendiendo la idioma."
30. Oktober 2016
¡Hola, Kenda! You can say "Disculpa mis errores, aún estoy aprendiendo español" If you have any other question, don't hesitate to contact me! Saludos.
31. Oktober 2016
There's the question whether the best way to say it isn't to skip saying it, as it's stating the obvious. Obviously you're not a native speaker, so obviously you're going to do mistakes, and if you say that you're learning the language, that pretty much already says everything. I don't know how it's with Mexicans, but whenever somebody excuses their errors in a language I'm fluent in, depending on the mood and circumstances I find it anywhere between somewhat annoying and cute, but it never really has the effect they ask for - I see it as the person doing the excusing mainly to oneself in order to calm down.
31. Oktober 2016
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