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Indigenous or Aboriginal? I would like to know which one is better when I wanna say 台灣原住民 -- Taiwanese Aboriginals or Taiwanese Indigenous? 謝謝
31 Eki 2016 02:04
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Indigenous is probably better. I strongly associate the word "aboriginal" with the native people of Australia, and I think it might be offensive (although, if I'm completely honest, I don't actually know for sure.) Indigenous is more broadly used. Just one more thing though: Indigenous is an adjective, and needs a verb. You could say "Indigenous Taiwanese people" or "The Indigenous people of Taiwan." But you can't say "Taiwanese indigenous."
31 Ekim 2016
One isn't necessarily more correct than the other. "Aboriginal people" and "indigenous people" are synonyms that have almost identical denotations. However, the connotations are a bit different. Like Seth said, the term "aborigine" is heavily associated with the original inhabitants of Australia, but it can also be used to refer to any indigenous people of a region.However, "indigenous" is probably safer. The term "aborigine" was more heavily used during the era of European imperialism, so it become associated with the mindset of that time. Recently, as Westerners become more aware of colonial history, old words from that era have been replaced to show respect towards those affected. Using these newer words is considered "politically correct", and political correctness has become a key issue of modern Western culture.
2 Kasım 2016
Indigenous Taiwanese is the correct form. We don't use "aborginal" anymore because it implies the people are savages, no intelligence, uncivilized etc. This is because of the first use of it to describe "backward" people from a less advanced society. Another example, we don't use the word "oriental" to mean people from the East. The preferred word is "Asian".
31 Ekim 2016
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