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Joseph Lemien
回头客 on 点评网 On Dianping I sometimes see 回头客 (for example, here: What does this mean?
31 окт. 2016 г., 4:10
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回头:look back. 客: customers; more than 1 time,and like the resturant
31 октября 2016 г. has: 这家小店薄利多销,有不少的回头客。 This shop features small profits but quick turnover and has many loyal clients. here 回头客 : loyal customers
31 октября 2016 г.
Hi Joseph. I have checked the website and found you're in Beijing.Sincerely hope you have a good time there:-D Han‘s explaination for 回头客 is really perfect 回头you can understand by “look back” 客 means 客人 customer Customers who really like to look back several times .Why?Because this restaurant is highly recommended as his view.He likes to visit and have meals more often. And if you click 回头客 on that website,it will turn on the commendation from the customer who come here more often.The owners hope customer to see that because 回头客 represent this restaurant is really great. Hope that's helpful.:-D
2 ноября 2016 г.
一些地方,经常会复述你现在做了的事,或者,期待你要做的事,作为问候。 如: 对方离开:慢走(期望) 对方开车离开:慢点开(期望) 见面:来啦(复述) 路上遇见:买东西啊(复述)
1 ноября 2016 г.
returning customer or regular customer.
31 октября 2016 г.
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