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yao yao
incanted group? or enchanted group? Does this exist in English expression? From its original context, it is supposed to mean some confidential conversation with psychiatrist. It sounds similar to making prayers. I'm not sure about its spelling, sorry~ Thank you so much for taking up my question!the original line appeared in Tilda Swinton and Serra Iilmaz 's istancool talk video provided by bilibili. It sadly has no subtitiles."It's sort of like an [in'cantid] group, doctor, since we are alone here, I can tell you."
Oct 31, 2016 2:23 PM
Answers · 5
You need to give the original context. incant = 好像说咒語, enchant = 迷惑
October 31, 2016
candid = 坦诚
November 1, 2016
yao yao
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