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yao yao
WHAT DOES [AD] MEANS IN THE FIELD OF MOVING PICTURE? THANK YOU!Thank you both for answering only that it doesn't seem to mean advertising in the original line. Tilda swinton(actress) said as follows" if they have opened that film course 20 years ago in Cambridge University, I would have been an AD now." So I presume that's a movie-related position. Assistant director doesn't feel like it too.
31 de oct de 2016 14:48
Answers · 4
"Ad" is a shorter form for the word "advertisement". Meaning: It is a paid announcement of a certain product or service (food, insurance company, cosmetics...etc.) on different media platforms (television, radio, magazines, billboards, websites...etc.)
31 de Octubre de 2016
Hello Yao Yao, Your question is not very clear but the word 'ad' is a shorter version of the word advertisement. So it could mean a film which is used to advertise a product. Hope this helps Bob
31 de Octubre de 2016
yao yao
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