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please help me translate the following text to chinese " helicopter trip in the land of Israel. See the whole Israel in two hours of fly Anyone who wants to enjoy a special experience and unforgettable and unique way to familiarize yourself with the land of Israel from the bird's eye view. "Israel Helicopters" will fly you along the shores of Israel, Caesarea, Haifa, Mount Carmel, the Bahai temple to see the beautiful rugs and colorful of the Jezreel valley, the Kinneret and the Golan Heights, Beit She'an Valley, Mount Tabor and returned to Tel Aviv. All that can be done in two hours of flight. it can also combined with landing in northern Israel, with delicious lunch as we all like. "Israel Helicopters" can provide a large variety of routes: Jerusalem, dead sea, Masada, Christian sites, sites, archaeologists. Nothing can be better more than watching Jerusalem from above , the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the old city, Jerusalem chords bridge, the city of David, and other well-known sites, let us show you the city." thanks !
Oct 31, 2016 3:49 PM
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穿越以色列大地的直升机之旅 在两小时的旅途中纵览全国风光 给任何希望享受特别体验,或是以独一无二的难忘方式鸟瞰以色列大地、尽收眼底美景的人。(To anyone who...) “以色列直升机”将带您飞越以色列的海岸线,凯撒利亚、海法、迦密山和巴哈伊寺,一览绚丽的地毯(sorry I don't quite get the meaning of "beautiful rugs. is it a real rug or scenery that looks like a rug?)、耶斯列谷、加利利、戈兰高地、贝特谢安谷和他泊山的风光,并最终回到特拉维夫。您也可以选择降落在以色列北部,然后享用丰盛的午餐。 “以色列直升机”还有多种航线可供选择:耶路撒冷、死海、马萨达...或是当一回考古学家,探寻基督教遗址。 世间最美妙的事莫过于从上空俯瞰耶路撒冷城了。哭墙、圣殿山、老城区、耶路撒冷琴弦桥、大卫城,以及其他知名景点,就让我们带您领略。
October 31, 2016
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