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Spaces between sentences Please help me with this. My son's teacher believes that there should be two spaces between sentences. So my son has been following this rule. Now his online English teacher is telling him not to put any spaces between them. They're both native American English speakers. I'm not. I automatically put two spaces between sentences. Which is right?
2016年10月31日 17:04
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It's impossible that a native speaker advised using no spaces between sentences. This is something that is so basic that we do it without thinking about it. If she is in fact a native speaker and is dispensing this advice, you should drop her like a bad habit. I believe Angela is on the right track with her astute observation about paragraph spacing.
Just to clarify, do you mean between sentences or between paragraphs? The reason I ask is that no spaces between sentences is just plain wrong. Any teacher who says that is not a good teacher and is probably making other mistakes. You and your son should find a different teacher. If you mean between sentences: People who learned to type on a typewriter (older people, me included) tend to use two spaces. (That's what's needed for legibility on a typewriter). People who learned to type on a computer tend to use only one space. Either one should be fine for most uses. If someone wants a particular style, they'll specify. (Some programs even correct you, so you can't put too many spaces after a period). And again, no spaces is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. If you mean between paragraphs: There's no right or wrong answer, it is a matter of preference and your son should do whatever that particular teacher is telling him to do.
I think the only answer that is wrong is to have no spaces between sentences. I always put two and it looks fine to me but only seeing one would not throw me off. No spaces would be difficult to read properly.
One or two spaces are both fine but one space is much more common.
Two spaces after a period is correct. Perhaps there is a specific reason why the teacher wants no spaces?
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