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few questions about "like" which sentence is Ok ? you are not like Italian . you do not like Italian . you aren't like happy Don't you happy ? aren't happy ? why do not you happy?
2016年10月31日 17:21
Answers · 4
You are not like an Italian. = You are not similar to Italian people. You do not like Italian. = You do not like the Italian language/food. You do not like Italians. = You do not like Italian people. Many different possible sentences for the second part, depending on what you want to say: You aren't happy. You are not happy. You don't like being happy. You do not like being happy. Don't you like being happy? Do you not like being happy? Aren't you happy? Are you not happy? Why don't you like being happy? Why do you not like being happy? Why aren't you happy? Why are you not happy? Why are you, like, not happy? ...and so on.
You are not like the Italians - if you want to describe someone Don't you like Italians? - if you're referring to a group of people Don't you like Italian food? - if you're referring to Italian food Aren't you happy? Why aren't you happy? (not sure what you wanted to say there) Try not to overuse "like". Rather just describe the person/ thing, ex. He is happy; Is he happy? If you want to compare something to something else, then it will be suitable to use "like". For example: the children swim like fish. Hope this helps. Good luck ;)
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