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"My dad's a firefighter and he's going to retire in a year." How can I say it in Korean? Would "제 아버지는 소방관이고 (I could say 내년 but I want to say "IN A year") 퇴작할 거예요." And also how can I say "My dad's been a firefighter for 25 years."?
Oct 31, 2016 11:01 PM
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I study Chinese (and Japanese) and I know about 700 hanja now ;)
November 2, 2016
Start learning Hanja. That will bring the most "bang for the buck" in your current state.
November 2, 2016
Literally translation: in a year => 일년 안에, 제 아버지는 소방관이시고, 일년 안에 퇴직하실꺼에요. However, in Korean, the time expression prefers using a calendar year to a period sense, like a Korean age counting. If your father is planning to retire this year, then, I recommend to use "올해" (means this year). 제 아버지는 소방관이시고, 올해 퇴직하실꺼에요 or 제 아버지는 소방관이시고, 올해 퇴직하세요 (this sounds better; even it happens in future.) My dad's been a firefighter for 25 years literally translation: 저희 아버지는 25년 동안 소방관이셨어요. natural translation: 저희 아버지는 25년 동안 소방관으로 근무하셨어요. (meaning: My dad has been working as a firefighter for 25 years)
November 1, 2016
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