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Luân Nguyễn
Difference 지역 지대 구역 I searched on dictionary and confusing about exact meaning, which word meaning is area? Which is zone? Which word should I use at below example: - Car Parking Area, bike shed. - Military area. - Time zone. - Euro zone.
Nov 1, 2016 4:10 AM
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지역, 지대, 구역 These are synonyms with slightly different connotations. - 지역 = area, region. - 지대 = connected areas or zones; a belt as in "sun belt" (more abstract than 지역). - 구역 = zone, district, precinct (usually areas defined for administrative purposes). - Car Parking Area = 주차장. -장 is a suffix for a lot or venue (we don't use 지역, 지대, or 구역 for such small areas). - bike shed = 자전거 보관소. -소 is a suffix for a place of office or business. - Military area = 군사 지역, 군부대 지역. - Time zone = 시간대. - Euro zone = 유로존. - areas of the Korean Peninsula = 한반도 지역. - flat lands = 평야 지대. - demilitarized zone = 비무장 지대. - off limits; restricted area = 출입 금지 구역.
November 1, 2016
Luân Nguyễn
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