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Does this make sence? More than 30 species were the threatened or key protected birds despite of the small numbers present in most species.
1 de Nov de 2016 às 05:00
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It doesn't make any sense. More and more species are near extinction world wide every year, there are more than 30 kinds of endangered birds which is under the state's key protection in just this one species. Please correct me if i was wrong.
1 de Novembro de 2016
No "the" before "threatened". "key protected birds" makes no sense. It also makes no sense to say that a species is threatened "despite" the low numbers. It is logical that a species would be threatened because of its low numbers. We talk about "species of birds." People say things like: "More than 30 species of birds are threatened with extinction because of low numbers."
1 de Novembro de 2016
"despite the" or "in spite of"
1 de Novembro de 2016
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