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What are the differences between male and female speech? Please give some examples if possible.
Nov 1, 2016 5:30 AM
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There are certain phrases almost exclusively used by females. - 어머나, 어머: Oh my god; Gee. (Men would say 어, 이런, 어이쿠, etc. but never 어머나) Some words are by definition different for the different sexes: - 오빠, 오라버니: older brother to a female . - 형, 형님: older brother to a male. - 언니: older sister to a female. - 누나: older sister to a male. Certain sentence endings are primarily used by males: - 나 간다, 저 갑니다 (See you later), 오랜만이다, 오랜만입니다(Long time no see), 미치겠다(I'm going nuts) => malespeak. - 나 갈게 / 저 가요, 오랜만이네 / 오랜만이에요, 미치겠어. => femalespeak
November 1, 2016
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