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4 questions: 1. There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who can smell the roses and those who can’t. Our ability to smell certain odors appears to be hardwired genetically. What's the meaning of HARDWIRED here? 2. He also figured out the planet goes faster when it’s at perihelion, nearer the sun, than when it’s at aphelion, its furthest distance. Which would explain why summer seems to zip by, except the seasons are a function of the tilt of the earth’s axis, not its different distances from the sun. I guess FUNCTION here has a meaning as RESULT, right? 3. Beatboxing, as musician Tom Thum was doing in that last example, uses the voice to mimic an incredible range of percussive instruments, from drums and cymbals to record scratches and didgeridoos. SCRATCH here is a kind of sound right? But what is it? 4. A little beatboxing might thus even help singers warm up before they expound on the history of physics. Could you explain this :"expound on the history of physics"?
Nov 1, 2016 9:46 AM
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Just to explain the fourth phrase: I think there's a joke in there. There's a link after this sentence, which takes us to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" - the "Galileo, Galileo!" part. The musical style is rock and opera, and Galileo was of course a physicist. The article mentions rock singing and operatic singing along with beatboxing. So, I think there's no need to take the phrase literally. (By the way, it helps a lot if you provide links for these quotations. Sometimes a phrase makes no sense without context.)
November 1, 2016
Hi there, here are some answers to your questions, hope this helps!: 1) Hardwired means that something is genetically determined. Imagine your brain as an electric circuit, hardwired means that the connections in that circuit are permanent and can never be broken. Here are some other examples with hardwired: 'Our ability to learn our native language is hard-wired.' 'Some people believe that they were born with a talent which was hard-wired.' 2) Yes, as far as I can understand from context, function would mean result here. 3) Scratching is a term used in DJing, where the DJ creates a sound by using their hand physically to move the record forwards and backwards on a turntable. Here is a YouTube video which shows what it is, when you see it on video it will be a lot clearer than my written explanation!: 4)This one is really difficult! To expound is not a very common verb, it means to explain something in detail. Other synonyms could be 'present' or 'put forward'. It is quite difficult to get from context, but I am pretty sure that here it means that the DJs are kind of explaining the history of physics through the high quality of their DJing. In other words, they will be DJing so well that it will expand our ideas of what is physically possible. Breaking the laws of physics basically through their excellent talent.
November 1, 2016
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