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로망 and its meaning While watching the last episode of 혼술남녀, I saw that a few of the students have made a wishlist which they call 합격로망. They are supposed to check back if they pass the civil servant exam. I look up 로망 on several sources and it seems that it comes from "roman" which practically means 소설 (fiction) from its French root. There is no mention of it being a sort of wish at all. I am wondering if this is actually an abbreviation of some longer phrases perhaps, due to my suspicion that it has something related to 희망.
1. Nov 2016 16:10
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원래 romance를 음차한 '낭만'의 의미로 '로망'을 쓰는데 의미가 확대되어 '바람, 소망, 원하는 것'이라는 의미로 쓰입니다. 아직 이런 의미로는 국어사전에 등재되지는 않았습니다.
2. November 2016
로망 came from 'Romance'. However, in usage, 로망 rather doesn't refer to something related in love. It is more like something ideal and not easily achievable but desirable. Ex) 검은 양복은 모든 남자의 로망이지! 그의 로망은 자신만의 집을 붉은 벽돌로 짓는 것이었어요. 그녀는 책 읽는 남자에 대한 로망이 있었다. 로망 can be replaced with 선망의 대상 in several occasions. 선망 is chinese derived and they both share 망 in their composition for a mere coincidence. As you noted sometimes It can also mean 희망 but not exactly Wish you a 화이팅 for your journey for Korean language!
1. November 2016
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