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Augustin Lomskoy
How to translate these phrases *look below* Hello, guys. I'm watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and I have some problems. "The deadly nightshade slipped me wore off" I can't understand what does 'slipped me wore off' mean "I have swept the very bravest off their feet" as well Are there special stuff or something like that that I don't know? I'll be really thankful for your help c: Have a good day
1 lis 2016 19:41
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Oh, yeah. "To slip someone something"= to secretly put a drug into another person's drink."
1 listopada 2016
The deadly nightshade you slipped me wore off, Sally. Nightshape is a family of poisonous plants. (Tomatoes are nightshades; the leaves are poisonous.) Sally must have made a potion of nightshade and put it in his orange juice or something. It would probably have a sedative effect or something. (Kids, DON'T try this at home.) It wore off, though. (To wear off= to lose its effect. He wasn't drugged any longer.) I have swept the very bravest off their feet" "To sweep someone off their feet" usually means to make someone fall madly in love with you. In this movie, though, the creepy skeleton guy says it. He seems to mean, "I am so good at being scary, that I have made even the bravest people collapse in fear."
1 listopada 2016
Augustin Lomskoy
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