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Question about swing on playground. We swing to swing and swing on seesaw. Is it true?
1 nov. 2016 20:30
Answers · 4
Although the sentence "We swing on a swing, and we seesaw on a seesaw" is perfectly correct and makes sense, it has a slightly humorous sound to it because it makes us conscious that the same word is being used as a noun and a verb. This is especially true because we are doing it twice in one sentence, and because the verb "to swing" is common, but the verb "to seesaw" is less common. It would be more natural to use the words separately. For example: "The two candidates were seesawing in the opinion polls." "The children in the playground were playing on the seesaws and the swings." "My mood has been swinging from pessimism to optimism and back."
2 novembre 2016
We would say "We swing/swung/were swinging on a swing" or "We swing to and fro". For a seesaw: "We seesaw/seesawed/we were seesawing on a seesaw" or "We seesaw back and forth (or up and down)."
1 novembre 2016
The verb agreement with a swing (the object) would be swing, correct. The verb agreement with a seesaw in common English would be play or ride. "We ride the seesaw. We play on the seesaw."
1 novembre 2016
Or you can say , "We ride the seesaw."
1 novembre 2016
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