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А spoon: 勺儿 or 汤匙? How do you call a spoon in Chinese? Is it 勺儿 or 汤匙? In one of the educational cartoons for children, they call it勺儿, but my dictionary translates it as a ladder. How do you call a small (dessert) spoon? Thank you!
2 Kas 2016 03:06
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汤匙 = soup spoon or tablespoon, the larger kind. A teaspoon is most probably what you want and it is 茶匙 which is now used as standard in recipe books.
3 Kasım 2016
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2 Kasım 2016
汤匙基本口语中很少出现 勺子,勺儿,小勺儿 这几个最常用 餐馆也可以说“请问勺儿在哪里?”
2 Kasım 2016
a small (dessert) spoon should be 小勺儿 in Chinese
2 Kasım 2016
small spoon is translated 小勺 literally, and we always use this calling in our life, or sometimes 汤匙 is more written on label of medicine bottles. Both of them are only described the smaller one. But ladle is meant the longer than spoon.
2 Kasım 2016
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