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How to look at a learning of language ? I am a student, learning English for many years but also in order to cope with the modern examination oriented education, and now want to better learning to master a language, want to know everyone's views on language learning?
Nov 2, 2016 5:33 AM
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I suppose the question itself is not clearly expressed, I didn't exactly understand what did you mean by modern examination oriented education and how it's related to English language but I can give you my own viewpoint on learning English. (I am also learning English) Being a non-native speaker same as you I can understand the gist of your feeling. Learning language and master it is completely different things, you can learn any language with a little effort to the point of easy communication but further it can be really tedious - perseverance, thorough contemplation and relentless study is the only way to master it. You should know almost every language is divided into general spoken and academic. To master a language requires to be good at both aspects. I can see some error in your sentence so you should improve those aspects first. The best way to improve a language is reading. You should read newspaper articles or anything that amuses you that means novels, books, stories. This can be a good way to improve your vocabulary and grammar. You should occasionally practice writing too. Mastering a language also means you should be able to speak fluently without grammatical errors and with correct pronunciation and stress. You should be able to learn the correct pronunciation from a dictionary easily but your own language don't allow you to speak in the same way as native speakers since it lacks many sounds (vowels and consonants) so you should learn the phonetics.
November 2, 2016
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November 2, 2016
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