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May we use specific time in Present Perfect? I know it is incorrect to say "I have done my homework yesterday". It is correct to say "I did my homework yesterday". But sometimes I start speaking with saying "I have done my homework" and only after I think that I want to specify time. I mean, I think about what I want to say during the speaking process. Undoubtedly, it would be grammatically correct to say "I have done my homework. I did it yesterday". But for me it might sound a little verbose. Of course, I realize that it is incorrect to say "I have done my homework yesterday". But how incorrect is it? Is it acceptable or a native speaking would think "oh no. this person really can't speak English"?
2016년 11월 2일 오전 6:49
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When I think about it, your situation is not a common one for me as a native speaker. If I said, "I've done my homework", it's because my attention was on the present - perhaps the teacher wanted to know if the homework was ready to hand in at the time of speaking. I would probably say "I did my homework" in a different context, perhaps in response to, "When did you do your homework?" The attention is on the past. People may say sometimes, "I've done my homework; in fact, I did it yesterday." This adds reassurance and emphasises that you really have done it. In this situation, the extra words wouldn't seem verbose to me.
2016년 11월 2일
To a native speaker, it definitely sounds weird, but it doesn't completely throw native speakers off. We still know what you're trying to say. You could probably say that without a lot of people caring, but I would try to avoid speaking too improperly when talking to someone of importance.
2016년 11월 2일
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