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Korean numbers? How do you or what do you add? Like for example Uses and what number to use sino/korean? when to use this? 6번 6분 6개 and others I don't know yet like ( Not sure which numbers to use from sino and korean so I'm adding single digit and large digits ) 6 points 600 points 6 people 600 people 6x ( like 5x more heavier, 10x more brighter ) How do you say I can speak 3 languages? which of the 2 should you use? and if you can, please add more because I'm sleepy right now. thank you
Nov 2, 2016 8:45 AM
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Quoted from It depends on the counting noun. Generally, if the counting noun is Sino-Korean, the numbers read as Sino-Korean. if the counting noun is Native-Korean, the numbers read as native-Korean. There are some exceptions. 건, 개, 명, 시간, 근, 시 are used with native-Korean number 살 is native, 54(살) read as native. 세 is Sino-Korean, 54(세) reads as Sino-Korean. When reading as Native number, the number which is above 100 read as Sino and the number which is below 100 read as native. 6번 => 육번(for number), 여섯번(for times) 6분 => 육분(for minutes), 여섯분(for people) 6개 => 여섯개 6 points => 육점 or 여섯점 600 points => 육백점 6 people => 여섯명 600 people => 육백명 6x => 여섯배 3 languages => 언어 세개, 세개의 언어
November 2, 2016
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